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Why is Elementor Considered The Best Website Builder For Everyone?

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Elementor is a powerhouse in the world of WordPress page builders. Whether you're just starting out or you've been building websites for years, Elementor's tools and features make creating beautiful websites a breeze. In this detailed review, we'll cover everything from basic features to advanced functionalities, integrations, and comparisons with other page builders. We’ll also sprinkle in relevant keywords like “elementor discount code,” “elementor pro discount code,” “elementor ai,” and “divi vs elementor” to give you the full scoop.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Elementor

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a front-end drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. Launched in 2016, it quickly became one of the most popular page builders out there, boasting over 5 million active installations. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful features make it a favorite among both beginners and seasoned developers.

Elementor allows you to create visually stunning web pages without writing a single line of code. With its intuitive interface, you can drag and drop elements to design your pages exactly how you want them. It’s perfect for those who want to build professional websites quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Elementor?

    • User-Friendly Interface: Elementor’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create beautiful web pages without any coding.

    • Design Flexibility: You can customize every aspect of your web pages.

    • Wide Range of Templates: Start with pre-designed templates and personalize them to fit your needs.

    • Elementor Free vs Pro: The free version is great, but Elementor Pro unlocks a whole new level of features. With the pro version, you gain access to advanced widgets, the theme builder, and a suite of marketing tools that make building and managing websites much easier.

Elementor stands out for its speed and efficiency. The ability to see real-time changes as you edit is a huge time saver. Moreover, the platform is constantly updated with new features and improvements, ensuring that you have access to the latest web design trends and technologies.

Installing Elementor

Installing Elementor is a breeze. Here’s how you do it:

    1. Go to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.

    1. Search for Elementor and click Install Now.

    1. Activate the Plugin once the installation is complete.

Once activated, you can start building your website immediately. Elementor integrates seamlessly with most WordPress themes, and the learning curve is relatively short. Even if you’re new to website building, you’ll find Elementor intuitive and straightforward.

Core Features of Elementor

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Elementor’s drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and powerful. It allows you to create complex layouts without touching a single line of code. Just drag the elements you want onto your page and arrange them however you like.

The editor gives you control over every aspect of your page’s design. You can adjust margins, padding, and alignment with just a few clicks. The real-time preview feature lets you see how your changes will look immediately, making the design process faster and more efficient.

Widgets and Elements

Elementor comes with a variety of widgets, including text blocks, images, videos, buttons, and more. If you upgrade to Elementor Pro, you get access to even more advanced widgets like forms, sliders, and price tables.

Key Widgets:

    • Text Editor: Add and style text easily.

    • Image: Upload and customize images.

    • Video: Embed videos from various sources.

    • Button: Create stylish and functional buttons.

    • Form: Design custom forms (Pro feature).

    • Slider: Create image or content sliders (Pro feature).

    • Price Table: Display pricing plans (Pro feature).

These widgets are customizable, allowing you to tailor each element to fit your site’s design and functionality needs. The ability to drag and drop these elements means you can experiment with different layouts until you find the perfect one.

Elementor Popup Builder

Need to capture leads or display promotions? Elementor’s popup builder is just what you need. It’s easy to use and lets you create eye-catching popups without any hassle.

elementor popup builder

Popup Types:

    • Email Subscription: Capture emails with stylish popups.

    • Promotional: Highlight special offers and discounts.

    • Exit-Intent: Display messages when visitors are about to leave your site.

    • Login/Signup: Create custom login and signup forms.

The popup builder offers advanced targeting options, so you can display popups to specific segments of your audience based on behavior, location, and more. This ensures that your messages are relevant and timely, increasing the chances of conversion.

Elementor Mega Menu

For websites with lots of content, a mega menu can improve navigation and user experience. With Elementor, you can create custom mega menus that include images, icons, and other design elements.


    • Custom Layouts: Design multi-column layouts.

    • Images and Icons: Enhance menus with visual elements.

    • Responsive Design: Ensure menus look great on all devices.

    • Advanced Styling: Customize colors, fonts, and hover effects.

Mega menus are particularly useful for e-commerce sites and large blogs. They help visitors find what they’re looking for quickly, reducing bounce rates and improving overall user satisfaction.

Elementor AI

Elementor AI is a newer feature that helps automate various design tasks. It can suggest design improvements, optimize images, and more, making your job easier and your site better.

AI Capabilities:

    • Design Suggestions: Receive recommendations for layout and design improvements.

    • Image Optimization: Automatically compress and resize images for faster loading times.

    • Content Personalization: Customize content based on user behavior and preferences.

By leveraging AI, Elementor allows you to focus more on creativity and less on technical details. This not only speeds up the design process but also ensures that your site performs well and meets the needs of your audience.

Landing Page Creation

Creating a landing page with Elementor is straightforward and efficient. The platform’s user-friendly tools make it easy to design pages that convert visitors into leads or customers. Just choose a template, customize the design, add your content, optimize for mobile, and publish.

Steps to Create a Landing Page:

    1. Choose a Template: Start with a pre-designed template that fits your needs.

    1. Customize the Design: Use the drag-and-drop editor to adjust the layout, colors, and fonts.

    1. Add Content: Populate your page with engaging text, images, videos, and call-to-action buttons.

    1. Optimize for Mobile: Ensure your page looks great on all devices using Elementor’s responsive design tools.

    1. Publish and Test: Launch your page and use A/B testing to optimize its performance.

Landing pages are crucial for marketing campaigns, product launches, and event promotions. With Elementor, you can create high-converting landing pages that drive results.

Advanced Features of Elementor Pro

Theme Builder

Elementor Pro’s theme builder lets you customize every part of your WordPress theme. This includes the header, footer, single post templates, and archive pages. It offers a level of customization that is hard to find in other page builders.

Customization Options:

    • Header and Footer: Design custom headers and footers for your website.

    • Post Templates: Create unique templates for your blog posts.

    • Archive Pages: Customize the layout of your archive pages for a consistent look across your site.

    • Global Widgets: Create widgets that can be reused across different pages and sections.

The theme builder allows you to maintain a consistent design throughout your site, enhancing the overall user experience. It’s perfect for creating cohesive branding and making your site stand out.

Dynamic Content

Elementor Pro enables you to create dynamic content that changes based on user interactions or specific conditions. This feature is great for creating personalized user experiences and interactive websites.

Dynamic Content Features:

    • User-Based Content: Show different content to users based on their behavior.

    • Conditional Logic: Display content based on specific conditions, such as location or time.

    • Dynamic Tags: Use dynamic tags to pull in content from various sources, like post titles, custom fields, and more.

Dynamic content helps keep your site relevant and engaging for visitors. It can improve user retention and increase the chances of conversion by delivering personalized experiences.


Elementor integrates with a variety of third-party services to enhance your website’s functionality. For example:

    • Elementor Constant Contact: Manage your email marketing campaigns directly from your website.

    • WooCommerce Integration: Perfect for e-commerce sites. Customize product pages, shop layouts, and more.

    • Mailchimp: Connect your site with Mailchimp to manage your email lists and campaigns.

    • Zapier: Use Zapier to integrate Elementor with over 1,500 apps and automate workflows.

These integrations allow you to extend the functionality of your site and streamline various processes, making it easier to manage and grow your online presence.

Elementor Pro Discount Code

Looking to save on Elementor Pro? Keep an eye out for an Elementor pro discount code. These codes can help you get the most out of Elementor Pro without breaking the bank.

Where to Find Discount Codes:

    • Official Website: Check Elementor’s official site for promotions.

    • Affiliate Partners: Many affiliates offer exclusive discount codes.

    • Seasonal Sales: Look for discounts during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other major sales events.

By using a discount code, you can access the advanced features of Elementor Pro at a reduced price, making it a more cost-effective solution for building professional websites.

Comparing Elementor with Other Page Builders

Divi vs Elementor

Both Divi and Elementor are popular page builders, but they have some key differences. Here’s a quick comparison:

Ease of Use:

    • Elementor: Known for its fast learning curve and straightforward design process.

    • Divi: Offers detailed design controls, which can be overwhelming for beginners but powerful for advanced users.

Design Options:

    • Elementor: Flexibility and extensive widget library.

    • Divi: More advanced design options, but with a steeper learning curve.


    • Elementor: Often praised for its speed and performance.

    • Divi: Can be slower, depending on the complexity of the design.


    • Elementor: Offers both free and paid versions with a yearly subscription.

    • Divi: Available through a yearly subscription or a one-time fee.

Choosing between Divi and Elementor often comes down to personal preference and specific needs. Both are powerful tools, but Elementor’s ease of use and speed give it an edge for many users.

Elementor Free vs Pro

Feature Comparison:

    • Free Version: Basic widgets and templates.

    • Pro Version: Advanced widgets, theme builder, WooCommerce builder, and more.

Benefits of Upgrading to Pro:

    • Access to Premium Templates: Get access to a library of premium templates.

    • Advanced Widgets: Unlock advanced widgets like forms, sliders, and price tables.

    • Theme Builder: Customize your entire site with the theme builder.

    • Popup Builder: Create custom popups to capture leads and promote offers.

    • WooCommerce Builder: Customize your WooCommerce store with ease.

Cost and Value:

    • Elementor Free: Great for basic websites and beginners.

    • Elementor Pro: Offers more value for advanced users and professional websites.

Upgrading to Elementor Pro unlocks a wide range of advanced features that can significantly enhance your website’s functionality and design. It’s a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about building professional websites.

Elementor Coupon

If you’re thinking about getting Elementor Pro, look out for Elementor coupons. These can save you a good chunk of change on your purchase.

Where to Find Coupons:

    • Elementor’s Website: Check for official promotions.

    • Affiliate Sites: Many Elementor affiliates offer exclusive coupons.

    • Special Events: Look for discounts during events like Black Friday.

Using a coupon can make upgrading to Elementor Pro more affordable, allowing you to take advantage of its advanced features without stretching your budget.

Elementor for E-Commerce

WooCommerce Integration

Elementor’s integration with WooCommerce makes it an excellent choice for e-commerce websites. You can customize product pages, shop layouts, and checkout pages to create a seamless shopping experience.

Customization Options:

    • Product Pages: Design unique product pages that highlight your products.

    • Shop Layouts: Create custom shop layouts that reflect your brand.

    • Checkout Pages: Optimize your checkout pages for better conversions.

With Elementor, you can create a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce site that drives sales and enhances the shopping experience for your customers.

Product Landing Pages

Creating stunning product landing pages is easy with Elementor. Use high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and persuasive call-to-action buttons to drive sales.

Design Tips:

    • High-Quality Images: Use clear, high-resolution images to showcase your products.

    • Engaging Descriptions: Write compelling product descriptions that highlight key features and benefits.

    • Strong Call-to-Actions: Encourage visitors to take action with clear and persuasive call-to-action buttons.

Product landing pages are crucial for promoting new products and boosting sales. With Elementor, you can create effective landing pages that capture attention and convert visitors into customers.

Elementor Pro Review

Many users find Elementor Pro to be invaluable for e-commerce. Its advanced features and integrations make building and managing online stores a breeze.

User Feedback:

    • Ease of Use: Users appreciate the intuitive interface and powerful tools.

    • Customization: The ability to customize every aspect of their store is a major plus.

    • Support: Excellent customer support and a vibrant community of users.

Elementor Pro’s features are particularly beneficial for e-commerce sites, where design and functionality play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers.

Elementor for Marketing

Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

With Elementor, you can create high-converting landing pages that capture leads and drive sales. Use the drag-and-drop editor to design eye-catching pages that stand out.

Design Tips:

    • Focus on the Offer: Make sure your offer is clear and compelling.

    • Use Strong Headlines: Grab attention with strong, benefit-driven headlines.

    • Optimize for Conversions: Use clear call-to-actions and reduce distractions to boost conversions.

Landing pages are essential for marketing campaigns, product launches, and event promotions. Elementor makes it easy to design and optimize these pages for maximum impact.

Using Popups to Capture Leads

Elementor’s popup builder is perfect for capturing leads. Design custom popups that fit your brand and integrate them seamlessly into your site.

Popup Strategies:

    • Exit-Intent Popups: Capture visitors before they leave your site with an exit-intent popup.

    • Welcome Popups: Greet new visitors with a welcome popup that offers a special promotion or signup incentive.

    • Scroll-Triggered Popups: Show popups to visitors who have scrolled a certain percentage down your page.

Popups are a powerful tool for capturing leads and promoting special offers. With Elementor, you can create visually appealing and effective popups that drive results.

Elementor AI for Marketing

Elementor AI can help optimize your marketing efforts by suggesting improvements to your site’s design and functionality. This can lead to higher conversion rates and a better user experience.

AI Features:

    • Design Suggestions: Get recommendations for improving your site’s design.

    • Image Optimization: Automatically optimize images for faster load times.

    • Content Personalization: Use AI to deliver personalized content to your visitors.

By leveraging AI, you can create more effective marketing campaigns and deliver a better user experience, ultimately driving more conversions and sales.

Elementor for Bloggers

Creating Beautiful Blog Layouts

Elementor makes it easy to create beautiful blog layouts that engage your readers. Customize every aspect of your blog, from the header to the footer, with the drag-and-drop editor.

Design Tips:

    • Consistent Branding: Ensure your blog’s design is consistent with your brand.

    • Readable Fonts: Use fonts that are easy to read, especially for long-form content.

    • Engaging Images: Include images and multimedia to make your posts more engaging.

A well-designed blog can attract more readers and keep them engaged with your content. Elementor provides the tools you need to create an attractive and functional blog.

Dynamic Content for Bloggers

With Elementor Pro, you can create dynamic content that changes based on user interactions. This is great for personalizing the reading experience for your visitors.

Dynamic Features:

    • Related Posts: Show related posts based on the content your visitors are reading.

    • Author Boxes: Display dynamic author boxes with information about the post author.

    • Popular Posts: Highlight your most popular posts to keep visitors engaged.

Dynamic content can enhance the user experience and keep readers on your site longer, increasing the chances of them engaging with your content and returning for more.

Elementor Discount Code for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger looking to upgrade to Elementor Pro, keep an eye out for an Elementor discount code. This can help you access advanced features without breaking the bank.

Finding Discount Codes:

    • Elementor’s Website: Check for official discounts and promotions.

    • Affiliate Partners: Look for exclusive discounts from Elementor affiliates.

    • Special Sales: Take advantage of discounts during major sales events.

Upgrading to Elementor Pro can significantly enhance your blog’s design and functionality, helping you attract and retain more readers.

Elementor Tips and Tricks

Best Practices for SEO

    • Use Proper Heading Hierarchy: Ensure your headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.) are structured correctly for better SEO.

    • Optimize Images: Use optimized images to improve page load times and SEO.

    • Meta Descriptions: Write compelling meta descriptions for each page. Keep them under 160 characters.

    • Internal Linking: Use internal links to help visitors navigate your site and improve SEO.

Following these SEO best practices can help improve your site’s visibility in search engine results, attracting more visitors and boosting your online presence.

Maximizing Elementor’s Potential

    • Experiment with Widgets: Try out different widgets to see what works best for your site.

    • Use Templates: Save time by starting with pre-designed templates and customizing them to fit your needs.

    • Keep Your Site Responsive: Use Elementor’s responsive design tools to ensure your site looks great on all devices.

Maximizing Elementor’s potential involves exploring its features and finding creative ways to use them to enhance your site’s design and functionality.

Elementor Coupon Codes and Discounts

Look out for Elementor coupon codes and discounts to save on your purchase. These can often be found through affiliate partners or during special promotions.

Where to Find Discounts:

    • Elementor’s Website: Check for official promotions and discounts.

    • Affiliate Sites: Many Elementor affiliates offer exclusive coupon codes.

    • Seasonal Sales: Look for discounts during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other major sales events.

Using a coupon code can make upgrading to Elementor Pro more affordable, allowing you to take advantage of its advanced features without stretching your budget.

Community and Support

Elementor Community

Elementor has a robust community of users who share tips, tutorials, and support. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, the Elementor community is a great resource.

Community Resources:

    • Forums: Join the official Elementor forums to ask questions and share tips.

    • Facebook Groups: Connect with other Elementor users in various Facebook groups.

    • Meetups: Attend Elementor meetups in your area to network with other users and learn from experts.

The Elementor community is active and supportive, making it a valuable resource for anyone using the platform.

Elementor Support

Elementor offers extensive support resources, including documentation, tutorials, and a dedicated support team. If you ever run into issues, help is just a click away.

Support Options:

    • Knowledge Base: Access a wealth of information in the Elementor knowledge base.

    • Video Tutorials: Watch video tutorials to learn how to use Elementor’s features.

    • Customer Support: Contact Elementor’s support team for help with any issues you encounter.

With comprehensive support resources, you can resolve any issues quickly and continue building your website with confidence.


What is Elementor used for?

Elementor is used for designing and building websites on WordPress. It allows you to create beautiful, responsive pages with a drag-and-drop editor.

Which is better Wix or Elementor?

Both Wix and Elementor have their pros and cons. Wix is great for beginners who want an all-in-one solution, while Elementor offers more flexibility and advanced design options for WordPress users.

What is the disadvantage of using Elementor?

One disadvantage of using Elementor is that it can add extra load to your site, potentially slowing it down if not optimized properly.

How much does Elementor cost?

Elementor offers a free version, but the Pro version starts at $49 per year for one site. Pricing goes up for additional sites and advanced features.

Is Elementor actually free?

Yes, Elementor offers a free version with basic features. However, to unlock advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to Elementor Pro.

Why do people use Elementor?

People use Elementor because it makes website building easy and intuitive. Its drag-and-drop interface, extensive widget library, and customizable templates make it a popular choice.

Is Elementor good or bad for SEO?

Elementor can be good for SEO if used correctly. It allows you to structure your content and optimize your pages for search engines. However, improper use can lead to slower page speeds, which can negatively impact SEO.

Do professional web designers use Elementor?

Yes, many professional web designers use Elementor due to its flexibility, powerful features, and ease of use.

Is Elementor worth the money?

Many users find Elementor Pro to be worth the money due to its advanced features, customization options, and integrations.

Do I need WordPress if I have Elementor?

Yes, Elementor is a WordPress plugin, so you’ll need WordPress to use it.

Is Elementor good for beginners?

Elementor is very beginner-friendly. Its drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed templates make it easy for anyone to build a website.

Does using Elementor slow down your site?

Using Elementor can slow down your site if not optimized properly. Make sure to use optimized images, enable caching, and keep your plugins updated to maintain good performance.

What are the benefits of Elementor?

The benefits of Elementor include its user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop editor, extensive widget library, and advanced customization options.

What is the difference between WordPress and Elementor?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used to create and manage websites. Elementor is a page builder plugin for WordPress that allows you to design and build pages using a drag-and-drop editor.

Do web designers use Elementor?

Yes, many web designers use Elementor because it offers powerful design tools and flexibility, allowing them to create custom websites for clients.

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