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Best Selfie Sticks For Vlogging In 2024

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A good selfie stick for vlogging is a must-have for enthusiasts. It's easy to use and helps you shoot stable videos with your phone, camera or GoPro. We searched out and found the best selfie sticks for vlogging in 2024 that are sturdy, adjustable, and can connect to your device easily. It's perfect for capturing all your moments, no matter where you are. Here is our list of the top vlogging selfie sticks:

Selfie Stick Tripod With Remote 40 Inch Aluminum Alloy (Wireless)

Wireless Remote Control up to 10 meters, making it as a tripod or selfie stick. Extendable length from 8.1 inches to 40 inches so you can choose your desired length. Compact pocket size design, which is easy to carry.

  • All iPhone/Android Smart phones

Ratings 4.4 of 5 Votes (34k+ Votes)

62 inch Extendable Selfie Stick (Wireless)

Can be extended between 13 to 62 inches, which makes it very suitable for Photograph, Face time, Business, living broadcasting more. Built-in collapsible legs that allow it to double as a stand-alone tripod when opened. Wireless range up to 10 meters. Remote control can take up to 1,000+ photos.360°Rotatable Phone Holder and 180° Rotation Head allow you could take photos, video call or live broadcasting.

  • All iPhone/Android Smart phones
  • With universal 1/4 inch screw, it fits for digital camera, DSLR, SLR, action camera , webcam, camcorder.

Ratings: 4.3 of 5 Votes (28K+ Votes)

Lightweight Extendable Selfie Stick (Wireless)

All in one foldable lightweight selfie stick. When extended you get about 39.76 inches. The selfie stick comes with a battery-powered button, The button clicks out of the handle with a little push, To switch on and make the unit visible to the phone via, it’s as simple as holding the remote button down for a few seconds and the selfie stick appears and is ready to connect, and once connected and open the phone camera app to use it to take a selfie.

  • iPhone/Android Smart phones

Ratings: 4.3 of 5 Votes (23K+ Votes)

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All in One Extendable Selfie Stick (Wireless)

Up to 51” with 7 adjustable rods, this bluetooth selfie stick enables you to capture broader views while recording or taking pictures, making it ideal for family gathering, parties and vlogging. Also offering easy paring.

  • All iPhone/Android Smart phones

Ratings: 4.7 of 5 Votes (11.7K+ Votes)

50″ Selfie Stick Phone Tripod (Wireless)

Compared to most selfie sticks, this one has wider legs with anti-slip rubber and 3 built-in stainless holders for ensuring each shot comes out clear and shake-free. Wireless range up to 10m. This is a great option to use as a Gopro stick.

  • All iPhone/Android Smart phones and GoPro

Ratings: 4.5 of 5 Votes (4.6K+ Votes)

In today's content-rich world, having the right gear can elevate your storytelling to new heights. Among the essentials, a versatile selfie stick tripod stands out, especially for iPhone users. The best selfie stick for iPhone not only enhances your photography but also ensures stability and ease of use. The above list is included for those adventurers seeking the best iPhone tripod. For those seeking flexibility, a tripod selfie stick with a remote offers unmatched convenience, allowing you to capture photos and videos from a distance. Whether you're in search of the best photo stick to document your adventures or a reliable selfie stick tripod with remote for hands-free operation, the market offers a plethora of options to suit your creative needs and help you capture those perfect moments.

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